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Product range – business areas

As a distributor of  BASF Personal Care and Nutrition GmbH (former Cognis Illertissen) we are able to offer their complete product range in addition to our own products.

Our product portfolio comprises:

emulsifiers, aerating agents, whipping agents, thickening agents, fat powders, MCT-oils, defoamers, natural colours, enzymes 

for the whole food industry.

We can also provide compounds containing above mentioned ingredients for versatile applications, especially within the meat and baking industry and for the artisanal ice cream production.

You have a problem with a certain application? Feel free to ask us for a solution.


Our slim administrative organisation guarantees a high flexibility and a favourable cost/performance ratio. This enables us to react to a multitude of different customers’ demands.

Blending service

- Blending capacity from 25 kg to 1000 kg per batch

- Powders

- Liquids

- Lumpy material

- Pastes

Filling service from 10 g to 1000 kg per bundle

- PA/PE-tubular- and side sealed bags

- Metallised PE-tubular- and side sealed bags

- Paper bags

- PE-bottles

- PE-canisters

- Drums

- PE-/tin cans

- Special bundles at customer’s requirements

Packaging of all kinds of products

Warehousing including supply and loading

Distribution of food additives


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